Thursday, February 12, 2009


Suilaid, a' mae govannen. Le suilon o Imladris. Nin estar Indilwen. Gwedhithon na...Suiadan. If you don't lnow what this means...well, then...sorry! So, today I went to a Anaheim Ducks fiels trip thingy. It was....loud. There were over 16,000 3rd-6th graders. And that was just 3rd-6th graders!!!! Desi, amazingly, fell asleep. Oh, and I have a video. Desi was sitting on Fish's lap (it was really cute!) and whenever it got really loud, he would cover her little ears, it was funny!!!

I don't know if this will work or not. So yeah, I hope Fish doesn't mind that I posted him. Well, he probably won't ever know, anyways....hahahaha.........


Sarah said...

are you kidding me lilia!
why didnt you take me with you?
did you not know i love hockey and the ducks?!
and fish better not be desi's new best friend...
although tell him thanks for making sure the little tiny buddy doesn't become deaf

Sarah said...

oh and lilia stop being so conceded with the whole devoted fans.. for the followers of your blog

haha just kidding little guy:P

Lilz said...

Sorry, were you out of school?
No, I didn't.
He's her new best...guy friend.
I will. He did some good thinkin'.
And it's spelled "conceited". :P

Sarah said...

i dont care how it's spelled
and dont get snippy with me LG
yes, yes he did
welll if i wasnt out of school you could have taken me out as part of our club
new idea: for one of our club meetings we should all go to ducks game