Sunday, February 22, 2009

Oh, the pain... oh the tragedy!

Okay, I'm pretty much writing this blog to complain I am in paaaaiiiiiin. I was playing link tag today at Linkin Park (hahaha) and I made a sharp turn and twisted my back strangely, and a sharp pain went to my hip. And it stopped hurting, but then after play practice, I played tag and it started hurting again. It hurts severely to move it, so I'm trying not to move, pretty much. Oh, OW! I moved! I need someone to, like, carry me places or something. Where's a boyfriend when you need one? Hahaha jk. Or maybe I could get crutches! Nah, I guess it's not serious enough for that. I wish I could get crutches! I've always wanted to! Oh, anyways, I'm watching the old Pink Panther cartoons, they're me and Desi's favorite cartoons. Anywho, they want me to start it again so... yeah. Pray that I will become miraculously healed...right now!


Sarah said...

Lilia! What about veggie tales?!
oh well....that sucks that you hurt your back hopefully it will feel better by wednesday so we can be secret agent ninjas
oh and we should ask about that on thing we were supposed to do during a Bible lesson

Lilz said...

Yeah, I feel like I'm old or something.
Yes! I can't be a hurt ninja!
Ooooooh, yes we need to. We need to.