Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Monique's Birthday/NO SCHOOL

So yesterday was Monique's birthday. For those who don't know, Monique is my 10-year-old sister. Since I am homeschooled, birthdays in our family are considered a national holiday. That's right: NO SCHOOL!!! That's the only reason I was so excited about her birthday. Hahaha not really. Since there was NO SCHOOL, we went to Disneyland! Our passes are now renewed! We didn't ride many rides, but there were a lot of pinches (hehe). Disneyland is fun! Seriously, have you ever realized how cool it would be to walk up to someone who has no clue what Disneyland is, and say, "Hey, so yesterday I traveled to the Twilight Zone, then I walked through the Hollywood backlots, and then, after walking under the Golden Gate Bridge, I walked down Main Street, USA. I would've gone to the castlle, but that's old news, I almost got killed with Indiana Jones instead. And I barely escaped a pirate ship alive. And by the way, I had NO SCHOOL." Yeah, I want to find someone someday who doesn't know what Disneyland is, and say that. Fun! Anyone want to join me? Hm. Well, now I think I will be random really quick. Bullfrogs are the only animals that never sleep. And they also have NO SCHOOL.


Sarah said...

hmm I wonder how many times a person can say the phrase "no school" in one blog..... oh wait I think you're now holding the record for the person who wrote it the most in their blog hehe
oh lilia i just love you, you weren't excited about the rides at disneyland but the fact that there were a lot of pinches
haha have you seen elf? the part about traveling through the twilight zone reminds me of in the movie when buddy(such a sweet name) says
"first I traveled through the seven layers of the candy cane forest, then across the gum drop mountains(i think), and finally i walked through the lincoln tunnel"

Lilz said...

Hahahha you know me! And totally!!! It does remind me of that!!! YES! I have the record!!!