Sunday, February 8, 2009

She of Many Names...

Hi. My name is Lilia. Or is it Rainbow? Or, wait, what about Skandar? And Arwen? Yeah, I have a LOT of nicknames, 26 (and still counting), to be exact. It's fun, because my friends will call me the strangest things, and I'll answer like it's my real name. Want a list? Probably not, but I'll give it anyways...

Lilia (haha don't know where that one came from...)
Salty (Nick Worrell is Pepper)
Antoinette (Door Within, yayuh!)
Panna (Legend of the Firefish, great book, read it)
Edmund (Narrrrrrrnia)
Ed (Nickname of a nickname)
Skandar Keynes (He plays Edmund in the movies)
Skey (Combination of Skandar and Keynes)
Kandy Korn (Tell you later)
Foriegner (Nickname of a nickname of a nickname)
Rainbow (The Keystone! aka the book I'm writing)
Frodo (Lord of the Rings thing I play with one of my friends. she also calls me the next two)
Bitter Purity (The meaning of my name and middle name. My name is an oxymoron!)
Daughter of Light (Once again, Door Within)
Arwen (Lord of the Rings)
Princess Peach (Hahaha! Funny story!)
Agent LG (LBSAN, you know, Agent LB)
Spice Drop (Long story)
Little Guy (The meaning of this cannot be revealed)
Daffy Duck (A youth group game)
Lilz (Cece!!!)
Minnie Mouse (I have a dress and Minnie ears)
Anne (Isle of Swords, AWESOME BOOK!!! Read it, and then its sequel, The Isle of Fire)

So....any new ones?


Sarah said...

hahahaha yes i do know LG
hahahaha the meaning of this cannot be reaveled haha
oh i voted for you in your poll for the best character from narnia:D

Lilz said...

Thank you, Sarah. I knew you would never let me down. =)