Monday, February 9, 2009

Dedicated to a Girl Named Feath- (I mean) Heather

This is a special post for Heather. I just wanted to remind her of something that she looooooves (sarcasm here). She was at my house one day, and her, Hannah Lohrbach, and I were playing Uno attack (seriously, how many versions of that game are there?). Ezra was watching a DVD of crazy guys riding bikes off of cliffs and stuff. We weren't paying attention, but then we heard, "Oooh, look, I'm a toenail! Hello!" It was a man trying to do squeaky voice , and his big toenail had almost fallen completely off, and he was making it "talk" like a puppet. Needless to say, Hannah, Heather, and I were scarred, for life, probably. So every once in a while I'll walk up to her and all I'll say is, "Look! I'm a toenail!" and she runs off screaming. I don't know what's her problem. Maybe she has a fear of toes or something.

Oh, and hey, I changed my poll. I don't want to push you or anything, but listen: Peter's the best-looking, Edmund does the coolest stuff, and Caspian wouldn't be alive without the other two. Take that, Feather!


Heather said...

Okay sdmund DOES win the coolest character award because seriously he is like the coolest person ever in the second movie. But I must say that in the first movie I hated him. Yeha way to sell me out Ed I'm still bitter bout that.
But then again you have to admit that Caspian rocks too. For tons of reasons that people seem to scip over when they think he's just overly praised cuz he's the new guy. So leave me alone!!!

Lilz said...

I KNOW HE'S AMAZING IN THE SECOND MOVIE!!!! He was a flippin' brat in the first one, but I LOVE IN PRINCE CASPIAN!! Dude, Caspian's cool, k? Just not AS cool as the others. And you spelled skip wrong. Didja like my reference to the toe puppet? =)

Sarah said...

who's Heather?
is she that one girl who's name is really Feather and everyone just calls her Heather because it rhymes with Feather?
bahahahahhaa lilia! i was gonna tell heather she spelled skip wrong to...nice work agent LG;)
haha and oh oh did the show ezra was watching about bikes going off cliffs happen to star chris lee? haha jk
and watch your language missy

Sarah said...

oooo... lilia remember Heather doesn't know what sarcasm is so we aren't supposed to use it around her...

Cecelia Melody said...

Thanks for the compliment.

I'm soooo good looking. hahaha