Thursday, February 5, 2009


I'm siiiiingin' in the rain, just siiiiingin' in the rain! What a glooooorious feeling, I'm haaaaaappy again... RAIN IS AWESOME!!! God is a genius! Well, duh. I love rain! Need I say it again? I LOVE THE RAIN! My dream is to dance on a street when it's pourings oodles of cats and dogs and just dance and sing until I'm soaked! (Of course, the downside is, I'll go home and then die of pneumonia, but it's price you have to pay, you know?) Oh, something very sad happened. Well, it's not that sad, but anyways. Ezra had pet snails, and their names were Pail and Pail II. He loved those creepy little slimy things, and decided after a few weeks, to let them go. They were on the wall in front of our house, but this morning, they weren't there. So yay, they had gone off to explore or whatever. Then I was running to my house a couple of hours ago, and heard a CRUNCH. Yep. I don't know if it was Pail or Pail II, but it's raw es cargot now. I haven't told Ezra yet, because I would like to live several more hours. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand here's my randomness: I wish I had black hair. All of it. Black. Anywho...


Sarah said...

bahahaha oh lilia
lets catch pneumonia tomorrow when you come over kay?
since we love the rain we should make that another part of our...well you know what i'm talking about;)

Heather said...

Dude I'll totally catch pneumonia and die with you!!!! It sounds like so much fun!
And dude that whole all lack hair thing can happen. And you can't work at dland without it :P

Lilz said...

Heather, I want my real hair to be black, though. YES! Let's do it!!!
And Sarah, we should.