Monday, March 30, 2009

School ID

School IDs. If you go to public school, you're probably sick and tired of them. But as for me, being home schooled all my life, I really want one! I just got off the phone with Heather, and she said that school photographers know exactly how to make a student look awful in their school picture. I think they go to school to learn how to catch students at their worst moments. I don't have a school photographer. If anything, I'm the photographer in my family, because I always have a camera with me, and I'll take a picture of everything, from my cat to my sister to a lemon to a shoe. Anywho, with school IDs, you can get some deals at places. For example, at Chipotle (yayuh!) if you show your school ID, you get a free medium drink. At this bagel place by my grandma's house, if you show your school ID, you get a free bagel! So, I thought, "Why can't I have a school ID?" Our "school", aka our home, is actually officially a private school called Gloetzner School. Original, right? But hey, we didn't have enough time to get creative. We once knew a homeschooling family who registered their school as the Ruby Shoes Academy. Get it? Ruby shoes? There's no place like home, there's no place like home... Yeah, I wish we thought of that first. So today, I made a school ID. In this case, my photographer was Jackie Mallos, the amazing best friend of my mom who has the most adorable 5 kids EVER! So yeah, here is my ID:

Anyone for Chipotle?


Cecelia Melody said...

Lilia Kocher?

Simone Knepper said...

thanks for the tip on Chipotle - i had no idea!

danielle marie. said...

hahaha so good.
well, congrats on finally getting a school go to all the places you can get sweet deals on..