Tuesday, March 17, 2009

I can't title this post because it's so random... oh wait, I kinda just did title it...oh well.

So, I faked ya'll out with my last poll. My cat's name is Sarah Katherine "Kitty" Gloetzner. So you were all right.

That's her on her 10th birthday. She's old. And sickly. Poor kitty.

Anywho...Happy Saint Patrick's day! If you're not wearing green, then *PINCH!* I am wearing a bright green dress, with matching shoes and a matching headband. So don't dare pinch me. If you want to know the story of St. Patrick, watch this... it's a tradistion in my family to watch it every March 17th. Veggietales is awesome. (Once again, if it doesn't work, move the circle thing foward a bit)

My new poll... mythical creatures. Ok, I looove all these creatures, but I rank them like this: Elves, Griffins, Dragons, Unicorns. But they're all amazing! Why? Let's start with elves. Legolas! YES! He's SOOOOO COOL!!!!!!!! *sigh* I wish I was an elf... ahem, anyways... griffins! They're...oh, how can you describe how awesome they are? Some say they're creepy, but let me tell you, I'd give almost anything to ride on one (Narnia!). Dragons. Imagine being able to ride that. Who could oppose you? Someone comes up WHOOOSH! Fire flames out, and your enemy is left behind you, a pile of ashes. And they can fly! And lastly, uncorns are pretty! Pretty, but fierce. Ever read the Last Battle? I know most of you have. Jewel, the amazing unicorn is my favorite character. So anyways, which (out of those four) is your favorite? Tellll me!

Here's the pro pics that Jackie Mallos took of me and my family.



Lilia (That's me!)


And now...the infamous glare of Lilia...

Of course, this is the more tame version. I was glaring at my mom at the time. I wasn't serious, though, of course...


Heather said...

Okay I voted for griffons, elves and unicorns. Dragons kinda scare me...alot but I love the other three.

Lilz said...

Dude, but if dragons are on your side then they're AWESOME!

Sarah said...

oh my gosh desi looks so cuuuttteee in that picture
shes getting bigger