Thursday, March 5, 2009

In the Dead of Night...

It all started with worship practice. Sarah lost a piece to her drum set. After a thorough search of the stage, we (Sarah and I) decided we were going to go down to the sanctuary to borrow the piece from Frank's drum set (With permission, of course). Frankie tells me to grab a microphone while I'm at it. We creep down the back stairs, masters of stealth. No sound is made as we reach the last step. I push open the door to the sanctuary. It is twilight. Dim light seeps in through the windows. Doing some le parkour moves, we leap onto the stage. I stealthily remove a mic from its stand, while Sarah removes a piece from the amazing drum set. Then we're off again, before someone discovers us. We leap off the stage. We are on a mission. We don't realize that when you borrow something, you have to take it back later. As in the dead if night. When it's fully, completely, and sincerely dark.
"We can do this," I tell Sarah.
"Of course," she replies. "We're LBSANs! We're masters of stealth!"
Once again, we creep down the back stairs. It seems quieter this time. I tip-toe up to the heavy door to reveal our opponent. Darkness. Sarah made a sudden move behind me, which startled me, and I screamed, which made her scream. We then composed ourselves.
"Okay," Sarah says, getting out her phone and handing it to me. "Call someone if something happens to us-"
"WHAT?!" I cut her off. "What are you expecting?!"
"It's just in case," she replies.
I step quietly into the ginormous room. Sarah follows close behind. We hear a thump.
"I heard a noise!" Sarah whispers hurriedly.
"It came from the high school room!" I say quickly, which was true, but my imagination is already running faster than a cheetah on jet-powered roller skates.
Slinking up against the wall, we come as far as the stairs to the right of the stage. The stage is dark. Very dark.
"Oh, Lilia, the stage is the darkest part!" Sarah says suddenly.
I agreed, and with a shriek, we run back for the door, arms outstretched towards it. I felt as if I was being chased. Sarah, who has her phone back by this time, shines its heavenly light at the door. Ah, the wonderful, inviting door. Behind which was the warm glow of fluorescent light. Hey, it's better than nothing.
"Let's get a lot more people to come with us," I say, as we walked shakily back up the stairs.
"Yeah," Sarah agrees, out of breath.
We re-enter the high school room. People are playing nine-square, playing instruments, or talking in groups. Who do we choose?
"Camyron's a leader," Sarah says.
"Yeah, let's ask her to go with us!" I answer.
Camyron agrees, and for the third time, we find ourselves walking down the backstairs. But this time we have Camyron. We're good. Right?
"I'm terrified of the sanctuary at night too, you know," Camyron says.
"Lovely," I think.
I push open the door. (Why is it always me who has to enter first?) I step in. I nearly scream when Camyron grabs my arm in a death grip, singing hymns as loud as possible. Sarah grabs hold of me, too.
"Why are you guys holding onto me?" I ask.
"Because you look the most brave," Camyron says.
I don't feel brave. At all. Then we came up to it. The stage. All we could see was pitch blackness. Stumbling over the steps, the three of us creep onto the stage. I replace the microphone. Sarah begins to replace the piece on the drum set. Camyron stands center stage, singing for all the darkness to listen and fear.
Abruptly she stops and says quickly, "Okay, girls really, are you done, because this is really dark!"
"I'm done," I say.
"Augh! I lost it!" Sarah says. She kneels down and, using her phone as a flashlight, begins looking for it. After what seemed like months, she found it and stood up. "Okay, let's go," she says, just as Camyron is starting into another song. Camyron 's amazing!
I begin walking back off the stage, but I trip on every thing possible: cords, amplifiers, stands, you name it. Finally, we practically fall off the stage, and begin walking back.
Camyron cheerfully says, "Oh, my eyes are adjusted now!"
"Yeah," I think. "This is good! It's not all that dark!" I begin to get happy, but then Camyron says...
"What if there was a dead person like right there?"
"CAMYRON!" Sarah yells.
I hear a scream, joined by two others, and realize the first scream came from me. We begin to run, screaming the whole way, all of us envisioning the dead person Camyron spoke of. As I reach the door, Sarah stomps on my bare foot, causing me to shriek again, this time in fear and pain. Sarah and I go through the door and let it close, because Camyron, who had gone down a different aisle, was behind us. She comes bursting through the door, breathless. We all stop to catch our breath, and then...
"Camyron! How could you???!!!" Sarah and I yell.
Laughing hysterically, she replies, "Sorry, I couldn't help it!"
*sigh* Leaders.


Sarah said...

bahahahahahahhahah dude funniest part of my week
you told the beginning exactly like it happened lils...with the le parkour and everything
hahaha Sorry! i didnt know i stepped on you foot!
Seriously the death grip thing was so funny, she did that to me to
oh goodness my standard CAMYRON yell that I always do when ahe says something like that
hahahaha yeah absolutely ridiculous

Cecelia Melody said...


this would happen to you

Sarah said...

and me Cece..haha jk

Sarah said...

yeah NEVER go down there with camyron and chris
since you werent there on wednesday i had them go with me and then the second we got down there chris ran and hid and camyron was like oh sarah dont worry he left hes a baby and i was like oh okay then they both jumped and scared me and of course i screamed