Saturday, March 14, 2009


He created the world.
He forgives the unforgiveable.
He feels all our sadness.
He knows all that is and all that's to come.
He gives us strength when we're weak.
He's not tame but He's good.
He sacrificed Himself for a traitor.
Death can never bind Him.
He prepares us for the ugliest battles.
He makes us all royalty, sons and daughters of the Highest King.
He's there through it all and watches over us every step of the way.
He becomes bigger the more we grow.
He is both a Lion and a Lamb.
Grounded faith in Him can save you.
He started it all and will end it all.
His country is more beautiful, happier, and wonderful than anything we can ever imagine.
When He speaks in His country He no longer looks like a Lion.

Aslan is in our world, do you know who He is?

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