Tuesday, March 3, 2009


So on Sunday, March 1. I had a really bad day. I hated that day. I cried and it was... just awful. But you wanna know a secret? When you have a bad day, Someone wants to know every little detail. Guess who? Ding ding ding!!! Jesus! (you know!) Whoa, that's a secret that should NOT remain a secret. So...it's actually not a secret, so...nevermind. So yeah (I say "so" a lot, don't I?), I went home and prayed out loud through my sobs to my bestest friend in the whole universe, Jesus! And I felt better! I stopped focusing on what had made my day so extremely awful, and started focusing on the good things about it. And "A happy heart makes you smile!" according to Proverbs 15: 13. That was the first verse I ever memorized. I had it down by the time I could talk, which was when I was 8 months old. So since it's embedded in my head so well, I forget what it actually means. You can put on a fake smile, but it's...fake. And people can tell. But when you rely on God to work out everything for good (Whoa, check it out another verse! Romans!), you can have a happy heart, and when you have a happy heart, you get a happy face, and when you get a happy face, you affect the people around you, who affect the people around them, and it's this amazing chain reaction, and pretty soon, THE WHOLE WORLD IS SMILING!!!! Well, maybe not, but hey, you can still affect a lot of people by how you act. I like to think of it like this. Say you went to some place like the Spectrum or Disneyland or even the grocery store. Most of those people, you only see once. Whatever they see you doing in that quick minute (maybe second), that's what they remember you as. They see you as having that attitude or personality. Do you want to be known by a random person as a gossip? Or a flirt? Or just plain annoying? I want (I'm not saying that I always am) to be seen as someone who is, as Ana would say, a "Jesusholic". I want someone to see me and think, "Wow, I want to be like her, she seems truly happy, because she has something I don't have, and I want that!" Just a little thing to remember the next time you go out somewhere.


Cecelia Melody said...

good girl, I love you Lilz<3

Lilz said...

Aw, thanks Cec!

Sarah said...

You should listen to the song "when you're smiling" by frank sinatra
This reminded me of it...I think you will like the song