Friday, May 22, 2009

Levi Beamish

So, there's this really awesome guy that lives in New Zealand (I know, awesome, right?) and not only is he a major pinch, but he does these really funny videos for YouTube. My favorite one is "Today At School". This guy reminds me of Jono, with the way he tells the stories. I quote Levi all the time now, ever since Ana showed me his vids. Here's "Today At School". P.S. He's 18. :)


Sarah said...

bahahaha hes so funny
specially with the arm thing when he loses it then takes it out from behind his back

Lilz said...

ikr??? I love that guy, hah. Now I really want to go to New Zealand. ;)

Cecelia Melody said...

hahaha. ohhhh Levi

his stories totally sound like Jono