Tuesday, May 12, 2009

I don't know what to title this, because it's so random.

Since my poll is completed, I thought I might explain why those are my favorite careers. I’ll start with the first: Acting. *sigh* I love being in any sort of drama thing, whether it’s a 2-minute skit or a 2-hour play. And in my everyday actions, I can tend to be a bit… dramatic. Like the time when… hah, never mind. The second: Singing! I am TERRIFIED of speaking in front of people, as mentioned before, but I can act in front of them, and I have no problem with a microphone to sing into on a stage! I’ve always loved singing, since I was little (I have videos to prove it). I remember my first solo was in a Christmas play at church when I was eleven, and I got to sing The Gift Goes On. Yeah, I’d never heard of it either, so I had to learn it, then sing it. But it was fun. I actually wasn’t all that nervous. If it was talking to the audience, I probably would’ve passed out right then. Anyways…an author. Now, if you’ve ever looked at my profile, you’ll notice that for my occupation, it says, “author”. That is because I have written several books. One is a fantasy book that is still in the process of being written, but you can still read it, it's called The Keystone. I have its prequel completed, They Call Her Maggie. It’s retelling of the Nativity story, set in medieval times, complete with unicorns, griffins, and my own little (scary) creature I created, the evil drorgs. You’ll have to read it sometime. Just ask me for it, and I’ll give you a copy. And last (but SOOO not least): SPY!!! I don’t know if any of you ever read my second post I ever made on this blog about the Gallagher Girl series, but they. Are. Amazing! The first one is I’d Tell You I Love You, But Then I’d Have To Kill You, the second is Cross My Heart, Hope To Spy (which is way better than the first), and the one that is coming out in June is Don’t Judge a Girl by Her Cover (I’m sooo stoked!!!). The books are all about a girl, Cammie the Chameleon, and her best friends, who go to a girl’s school for spies. Yep, SPIES. If that school was (or is) real, I’M SO GOING THERE!!! In the books, they go on clandestine missions, practice brush passes, get a ring that detects lies, and design gadgets that are used by the government – and they do it all for a grade in high school! I would love school if I could do all that. So now, enough with the career talk, I have some random things that I learned recently that I want to share with you:
1. After playing an intense game of kajobi can can (in which you hold onto a rope as tight as you can and get yanked around a trash can), it’s feels amazing to have Sterling Pounds yank open your hands from the position they were frozen in, then start slapping them as hard as he can. It was so relaxing.
2. It’s really funny to pretend to be a cannibalistic vegan.
3. Ice blocking is fun in pitch-black, when you can’t see all the people you’re crashing into.
4. Decorating Styrofoam cups is fun, especially with a Sharpie.
5. It’s fun to quote Meet the Robinsons: (say it really fast) “It’s the caffeine patch. Each patch is equivalent to 12 cups of coffee. You can stay awake for days, with no side effects. *SCREAM* Sorry.” Hah, if you don’t know what I mean, watch the movie.
6. The best Family Force 5 song EVER is Watcha Gonna Do With It. I <3 Crouton!
7. Oh, and one last thing. When dissecting a crayfish, keep your mouth closed, because you don’t want its juices to squirt into your mouth. I learned the hard way.

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Sarah said...

eeeewwwww it squirted into your mouth!!!!
yes we are going to a spy school lilia
i wonder if there is one in new zealand;)
meet the robinsons=so great