Thursday, June 11, 2009


When I'm sitting at a table at a coffee shop in Barnes and Noble's, I like to draw on napkins. Well, at least, that's what I did when I went with Ana Sunday afternoon. Her mom was supposed to pick us up, and we waited.... and waited.... and got bored. So we drew on napkins. Here is some of our artwork (Sharpie is mine, pen is Ana's):

And here's one I made for all you photographers out there:

Yes, I do. Shhhh, don't tell anyone! I'm too young to go to prison!

Oh! Then Ana and I left the book store and went to sit at a table in front of Chipotle. Because, apparently, her mom was on her way (which, as we found out an hour later, wasn't true). We were just sitting there, singing, not really taking notice of the table next to us. At that table, there was a group of mabye six people, all wearing bright green and bright yellow. One guy had a yellow shirt with a green scarf, one had a green shirt and intense green eyes, one lady had a green sweater with yellow earrings, etc. You get the picture. They were all leaning over their table. Every few minutes, someone new would walk up (wearing green and yellow, of course) and be greeted and welcome by the rest. Every once and a while, one would walk away from the group and begin talking in low tones on a cell phone. More people came. And more. Soon there were at least fifteen people, and they had surrounded our table as well by this time. And get this: they all looked Arabic or Persian (Hey, I'm not racist, I'm Arabic myself). So Ana and I took to calling them the Persian Terrorists. Soon, they all split up and left in different directions. They're gone, right? Not. Soon they began to pass us seperately or in pairs. After much discussion, Ana and I came to the conclusion that they were spies and we had come too close to discovering their secret, so now they were following us. Then, as they began to regroup at their table again, Ana'a mom finally came, and we ran to the car, safe and alive. So be careful if you go to the Spectrum wearing green or yellow. They may think you're one of them. Or maybe you already are...


Roz said...

Creepy, their like stalkers!!
Oh and weird I draw on napkins too!!

Lilz said...

I know! Scarrrrrry.
Napkins are fun to draw on!

Cecelia Melody said...

They were extras for the new sprite commercial being shot at the spectrum

Lilz said...

Hush, hush. Don't ruin the story, Cec. :P